Today, one of the areas most affected by the ubiquity of the web is entertainment. It is no longer rare to see an advertisement encouraging you to try your luck by spinning a wheel or operating a slot machine.

Gone are the days when you had to go to a casino to discuss a game. Whatever game you want to play (roulette, poker, blackjack, etc.), online casinos now exist to satisfy you.

A notable advantage offered by these virtual rooms is the fact that they come to the aid of players of modest means. Indeed, virtual casinos offer a wide variety of bonuses.

A very well-known example in the online gaming world is the “deposit bonus”. This allows you to play longer, even if you don’t have a lot of money, to begin with.

Of course, each of these bonuses is almost always accompanied by fixed wagering requirements. These are called “Wager”. Ever heard of it?

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What is Wager-Wagering?

For most online casino newbies, wagering often seems like a vague and apprehensive concept. However, it is a relatively simple term to understand.

When you want to try your luck for the first time at any online casino, the casino will impose certain conditions on your wager.

To better explain the concept of wagering, let’s start by defining what an online casino bonus is.

Basically, it is simply the amount of money that is made available to a player, apart from their initial contribution, to give them the chance to approach their favourite games with more enthusiasm.

These bonuses are automatically credited to the player’s account when they make a deposit. Welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, free spins on a slot machine… online casinos offer a rich variety of bonuses.

Some even offer to double your first deposit within a certain financial margin.

However, you don’t get something for anything! Yes, you do get bonuses, but you have to meet certain conditions before you can expect to withdraw your winnings. This is what we call a Wager!

Wager not available after deposit

Strange as it may seem, there are some online casinos, which after your deposit, do not impose any wagering requirements on the amount in your account. In other words, you play with what is called “raw money”.

All profits generated above this amount can be withdrawn at any time. Yes, this is the gem of the online casino world. It would still be worth knowing the restrictions that apply to a no-wager offer.

Casinos usually restrict players to certain games. If you are unsure, we recommend that you ask the casino owners for more information.

The essential rules with a wager

When you are tempted to join an online casino, the first thing we advise you to avoid is rushing. Down with the adrenaline rush!

Pay close attention to the regulatory policy set by a particular casino. You’ve seen it for yourself, even if you’re offered “money” for a warm welcome, casino operators will expect you to meet the expectations they set for you.

From no slot bans to wagering limits to bonus hunts, you’ll need to carefully read each of the requirements before wagering.

Depending on the online casino you encounter, the rules will vary. And if you don’t operate according to them, the casino concerned may refuse your next withdrawal attempts.

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Respecting wagering limits

Apart from slots and other prohibited games, you will also have to respect the wagering limits.

In online casinos, the maximum bet limit is C$5 per spin. Live games, for example, deserve a lot of attention. For example, deciding to double your C$5 bet on a blackjack hand could violate the casino’s bonus requirements.

Finally, we recommend that you take the time to read the terms and conditions imposed on a casino bonus. If you rush in without considering them, it is possible that all your withdrawal attempts will be cancelled at the end of the wager.

Popular slots for wagering

Many solutions are available to you as soon as you decide to make a wager. However, they can be summarised in two conditions:

  • Use a super volatile slot machine
  • Use a less volatile alternative with a high RTP

Indeed, all these requirements depend on the casino you choose: while some will apply a wager on the amount of your bonus only, others will apply it on the amount of the deposit and the bonus.