Welcome to the Lonergan Research Institute at Regis College in the University of Toronto. Supported by the Jesuits in English Canada, the Institute was founded in 1985 with a mission “to preserve, promote, develop and implement” the work of Canadian philosopher and theologian Bernard Lonergan, S.J. (1904-1984).

An outgrowth of the Lonergan Center founded by Frederick Crowe, S.J. at Regis College in 1971, the principal work of the Institute is to prepare a critical edition of Lonergan’s writings for publication by the University of Toronto Press, with Crowe and Robert Doran, S.J. as General Editors. Supported by the generous benefaction of the Malliner Charitable Foundation, fifteen of the projected twenty-five volumes have appeared, and work on the remaining volumes advances. Doran continues his work as General Editor from his new position at Marquette University where he holds the Emmett Doerr Chair in Catholic Systematic Theology. Through its support of Doran's work as General Editor, Marquette University has become a significant benefactor of the Collected Works project.

In addition to the Collected Works project, the Institute looks after the personal and academic papers of Crowe and Lonergan, maintains a current and exhaustive collection of dissertations and other secondary materials on Lonergan, and is digitizing some 600 hours of taped lectures by Lonergan with plans to make these and other resources available in perpetuity online in the University of Toronto’s archival “T-space.”

The Institute offers research opportunities for graduate students at the Toronto School of Theology and the University of Toronto. Income from a trust fund first established by Father Crowe provides scholarships for doctoral students pursuing research programs in Lonergan Studies at Regis College. A small number of research assistantships are available, thanks to a benefaction from the Denson Family Foundation in Houston.

The Institute hosts a Graduate Seminar for students and faculty from Regis College, elsewhere in the Toronto School of Theology, the broader University of Toronto and other schools in Southern Ontario. Meeting five times during the academic year, the Seminar provides an opportunity for doctoral students studying Lonergan to present papers on their work-in-progress and receive critical but friendly feedback from other graduate students and professors.

The Institute collaborates with Professor Tad Dunne to produce the quarterly Lonergan Studies Newsletter, which provides an authoritative bibliographic listing of current publications in the field of Lonergan Studies.

The Institute is located within the physical plant of Regis College located at the heart of the University of Toronto campus. The Institute has a beautiful set of rooms, with space for offices, a study for the use of visiting scholars, a library with advanced information technology infrastructure, wireless connectivity and a fire-proofed, climate-controlled area for the Lonergan Archive and the soon-to-be-indexed Crowe Archive.

The Institute is presently staffed by Jeremy Wilkins, Director, and Michael Shields, S.J. Robert Doran continues to lead the Collected Works project as General Editor from his position at Marquette University.

The Institute works collaboratively with other centers around the world that preserve, promote, develop and implement the thought of Lonergan. The directors and staff always welcome suggestions and feedback from their colleagues. We hope you enjoy the resources available on this website.

Thank you for visiting our website.